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Beyond the Dust is an environmentally friendly cleaning service for environmentally friendly enthusiast households and businesses . We are the safest cleaning service because only organic cleaners and environmentally friendly tools are used to clean your home, or place of business.​

20% Off Your First Cleaning Service

The first cleaning usually takes double the time than the maintenance cleaning, so it costs double. Request a free estimate down below. 

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All Of Our Organic Cleaning Services Include The Following Routine:

A deep or a general cleaning service of all rooms, kitchen, living room, dining room, floors are washed, carpets are vacuumed, and trash is taken out. Your other cleaning needs may be met for an extra charge.

 We do not offer white glove cleaning services, shampoo carpets, we do not clean walls or wash windows/glass on sliding doors

One-time cleaning services

You will soon figure out that a one-time cleaning service usually take double the time than the maintenance cleanings of your home or business. This is to ensure that your place is brought up to a maintenance level and that all everything is sanitized. 

Organization Services

For your convenience we offer organization packages separately. If you are interested in an organization package, please expect a different quote.

This organization package includes the organization of any area in your home. In addition, laundry (we provide organic  laundry soap & organic detergent) and you provide washing fees. 

Airbnb cleaning services

We offer Airbnb businesses a special cleaning package(details are above). The way this special cleaning service works is,  you choose how many hours you want  to purchase. The time you choose determines the quality of your cleaning services. 

Post Construction Cleaning Services

Post construction cleaning include an inside of cabinets and outside of cabinets, the cleaning's  done from top to bottom.  Wood floors are swept and  are dried mopped with a microfiber cloth. 

Removing heavy and stubborn paint off of wood floors will increase your service fee. 


Inside Cabinets





What our customers are saying about our services.

Our Kitchen has never been cleaner! (


She just did the deep clean and the place is spotless, there's cleaning and there's CLEANING. - and with our hairy, slobbery dogs, this is no mean feat. My husband, who is very difficult to please, keeps commenting on what an amazing job she does. Plus, Beyond the Dust uses only organic products, so your home not only stays immaculate, you're also free from pollutants and polluting. (


Beyond the dust did a phenomenal job that far exceeded my expectations. Even my kids were impressed!!! I love that they use organic products that are not offense to the nose but left the house refreshed...  I would recommend Beyond the Dust to anyone and look forward to having her come back to my home. (